Brew Night: Feb 2017

New England IPA and Chocolate Storter Ale

Just as Dave challenged Jon with a mystery recipe last year (refresher: Dave provided Jon with the ingredients, but not their quantities or timing), Jon returned the favor to Dave this night. The result? A Chocolate Storter Ale!

Other new additions include MASSIVE amounts of hops for the New England IPA, plus 2x hops for the dry hopping during secondary. And Jon got a new toy: a wort aerator.


Brew Night: Sep 2017

Citra Double IPA and Copper Ale

This was our first-ever double batch, both all-grain brewing night. We started on a Sunday afternoon and finished 9 hours later, which beat our previous best average per brew time by about 3 hours. We’re getting more efficient!



Jon at work! Sep 2017


Primary Fermentation at the Layger Brewcellar, Sep 2017


Layger Brewhaus Secondary Oct 2017

Citra Double IPA (left) and a Copper Ale in secondary ferm.