Layger Brewhaus McFly.P.A.

DAVE: Say, Jonny, have you tried dis new McFlyPA?
JON: McWhaddyasay?
DAVE: McFlyPA! Named aftuh dat Irish guy from over in Hill Valley, I think it is. <pour> Bottoms up!
<dramatic sip>
JON: Wow! Now that’s somethin’ to write home about! Sweet up front, easy malts, a little hop bite on the back end……………if ya know what I mean! <sly wink>

Recipe lost to time!

Comments: “Intense, in your face bitterness. Just like Biff. Almost tastes like it has tannins. Can’t be a chicken if you are gonna drink this ’til you are zazzled. But that bitterness slides off the tongue as if it’s going 88 mph. Then it’s back…to the future bitterness that sits on the back of the palate. Better call doc ‘cuz I’m drinking more.”

“An IPA for people who don’t like IPAs. A little too clean on the palate. We like it a little more skunky.”

Saged Vice White IPA

Layger Brewhaus Saged ViceJON: So have you tried dis here Saged Vice? It’s one uh dem “white beers” all da way from Miami.
DAVE: Pour me a glass, wouldja, Jonny?
<dramatic sip>
DAVE: Dat’s great! Lemony nose, herbal body!
JON: Mm hm!

Recipe: Flown to Havana!

Comments: “This tastes woody and sagey – I can’t decide if it’s beer brilliance or the perfect gravy for my turkey.”

“The aroma here is best suited for your local powder room hand soap.”

Whistlestop Chili Steam

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - Whistlestop Chili SteamA Layger Brewhaus Original Recipe

Longtime Layger Brewfriends may recognize this mashup between Steampunk Lager and Flamin’ Mamie Chili Honey Pilsner from Oktobertheseventhfest Part Drei in 2008. Whistlestop drinks smooth and spicy like Steampunk yet ratchets up the heat in the back of the mouth. Get steamed!

Recipe has hopped on the last train to Mexico…

Amber Alert

Layger Brewhaus Amber Alert beerAmber Alert was an amber beer of long vintage, dating back November, 2005. Drinkers noted a medium body, fruity notes, and clean finish. Taste What You’ve Been Missing!

Ironically, the recipe has gone missing.

Octobertheseventhfest comments:

“The first beer with a true hops flavor. A little more body than the Pilsner or Bock. A fruity essence without a sweet aftertaste. Not as refreshing as the lighter beers, but this beer could really stand up to food. Remember, if you don’t drink it, the terrorists win!”—Ben W.