Steve Urquell Pilsner

steveurquell-finalSteve Urquell Pilsner was a lighter beer dating back to early summer 2006. With more color and body than Eastern European pilsners, Steve Urquell stood up the bully days of summer with cool, refreshing flavor.

Did I Brew That?

Octobertheseventhfest comments:

“FAST Flavor!”—Todd

“Very light flavor reminicent of a lightly alcoholic Perrier. It has a minerally aftertaste that is a little long lasting, but I think this beer would stand up well with a fruity flavor. Rasberry, lemon-lime, more acidic fruits would work well.”—Ben W.

“Not as nerdy as I thought it would be, but a bit inoffensive and harmless like Foster, or a puppy. My mom would like it.”—Merrilee & Dave


This rendition based on the “A” Pilsner recipe found in the book Homebrew Favorites

makes 5 gallons
total boiling time 35 min.
ferment 7 days, bottle 25 days

4 pounds Pilsner extract kit (or pilsner malt extract)
3 pounds Laaglander light dry malt extract (or light malt extract)
.5 oz Hallertauer hop pellets (boil 5 min)
Wyeast #2124 Bohemian Lager liquid yeast
.75 lbs corn sugar, for priming

1. Bring 3 gallons water to boil.
2. Add malt extracts.
3. Boil 30 minutes.
4. Add ½ oz hallertauer hops
5. boil 5 more minutes, remove from heat
6. ice bath for 30 min.
7. transfer to FERMENTOR bucket, top off with cold water to 5 gallons
8. when wort has cooled to 70 deg F, add yeast, stir and aerate well
9. ferment 7 days, prime, bottle


Amber Alert

Layger Brewhaus Amber Alert beerAmber Alert was an amber beer of long vintage, dating back November, 2005. Drinkers noted a medium body, fruity notes, and clean finish. Taste What You’ve Been Missing!

Ironically, the recipe has gone missing.

Octobertheseventhfest comments:

“The first beer with a true hops flavor. A little more body than the Pilsner or Bock. A fruity essence without a sweet aftertaste. Not as refreshing as the lighter beers, but this beer could really stand up to food. Remember, if you don’t drink it, the terrorists win!”—Ben W.