Elvis Special Bitter

Layger Brewhaus Elvis Special Bitter 800x667

FEST QUOTES: “Love me tender, love me true. Sweet and tasty, this beer’s for you!”

“Sort of like there is a special place in hell for people who talk in theaters, this has a special place on the bitter palate. Kind of like how bitter you would feel if you died on a toilet. Then again it would balance well with some peanut butter and bananas.”


Elvis Special Bitter
Based on ESB 1.1, Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale) from BeerSmith

Brewed by Layger Brewhaus March 15, 2016

All Grain
5.5 gallon batch
Boil size: 8 gals
Boil time: 70 min
End of boil volume: 6.5 gals
Final bottling: 5 gals
Est. alcohol by volume: 5-7%


8 gals water
3 grams gypsum
2.5 grams calcium chloride
1.5 grams chalk
1.2 grams salt
.5 grams epsom salt

11 lbs pale malt base grains
1 lbs 9 oz crystal 150

.5 oz Challenger hops (bittering, 60 min boil)
.5 oz Target hops (bittering, 60 min boil)
.35 oz East Kent Goldings hops (flavoring, 15 min boil)
.2 oz Challenger hops (flavoring, 15 min boil)

White Labs #WLP013 London Ale yeast

Heat 8 gals water to 170 deg F.
Maintain step temp of 152 deg F for 60 min.
Fly sparge water: 2 gals at 168 deg F
Keg at 12.5 psi, 2.3 volumes of CO2, 45 deg F

Samantha’s Abduction IPA

Layger Brewhaus Samanthas Abduction IPA 800x667PROPERTIES AND CHARACTERISTICS: Hoppy haze topped with a thick, creamy head of fine bubbles and emanating a citrusy, flowery aroma. Apricot nose. Sweet, chewy, satisfying body. Boldly reverberating, mouth-watering finish. Blunts human senses. 40 percent sweet, 60 percent bitter.

FEST QUOTES: “Piney smell. Really good. No malt, nice thin body. Good bitterness. Grapefruit finish lingering. Liking this beer better and better.”

“I’m a sucker for the Citra Pucker!”


Samantha’s Abduction brewed by Layger Brewhaus September, 2017
Based on Citra Double IPA (Imperial IPA) from Can You Brew It Podcast

All Grain
Batch size 5.75 gals
Boil size 6.5 gals
Boil time 60 min
End of boil volume 6 gals
Final bottling 6 gals

Goal flavor: Double IPA with very complex malt flavors that are well matched by very tropical and fruity aromas and flavors from the large additions of Citra hops. Great head retention and clarity. Liked by many that don’t like IPA’s, loved by those that do.

Actual flavor: 

Prepare a yeast starter

8.5 gals water

13 lbs 2-row pale malt base grains
12 oz carapils/dextrine
12 oz caramel/crystal malt
12 oz munich malt
6 oz honey malt
6 oz white wheat malt

Heat 5 gals water to 159 deg F.
Mash grains in 5 gals water at 148 deg F for 60 min.
Batch sparge with 3 gals at 168 deg F.
Add water to reach 6.5 gals for boil.

1 oz Nugget bittering, boil 60 min
.75 oz Citra bittering, boil 30 min
1 whirlfloc tablet, boil 15 min
.75 oz Citra flavor, boil 15 min
.75 oz Citra flavor, boil 10 min
.75 oz Citra aroma, boil 5 min

White Labs #WLP001 California Ale yeast

Primary for about a week. Secondary for three weeks.

1.25 oz Citra, 12 days
.5 Amarillo Gold, 12 days
.75 oz Citra, 9 days
1 oz Amarillo Gold, 6 days
1.25 oz Citra, 3 days

Keg at 9 PSI

Molasses Cookie Porter

A Layger Brewhaus Original Recipe

In 2015 and 2016, Dave felt that Jon was stuck in a Pale Ale brewing rut, so he issued Jon a challenge: Dave would write a mystery recipe giving Jon only the ingredients, Jon would stamp his mark on it by figuring out how to brew it.

Dave started this recipe with a distinct goal taste profile in mind: His favorite Christmas cookie recipe, the molasses cookies that his mom used to make. By following the contours of his mother’s cookie recipe, Dave modified a standard porter ale recipe to turn it into a holiday seasonal brew.

This first challenge brew and collaborative brew (collabrew!) was a success. It was thick, sweet, and rang of molasses.


6 gal batch size
7 ¼ gal boil size

London profile

8 lbs two-row pale malt
1 ½ lbs molasses (add near end of boil)
¾ lbs dark crystal 120L
¾ lbs Victory 25L
½ lbs chocolate malt
½ lbs brown malt
½ lbs flaked barley
¼ lbs smoked malt (if not available, substitute with additional ½ lbs molasses)
¼ lbs black patent malt

London Ale, English Ale, Irish Ale

HOPS AND ADJUNCTS (When to add, when to add?)
1 ½ oz East Kent Goldings (or Fuggles)
2 sticks cinnamon (or 5 grams powder)
1 tsp ginger
2-3 pieces of clove

Layger Brewhaus Molasses Cookie Porter

Dave sips a Molasses Cookie Porter.

Saged Vice White IPA

Layger Brewhaus Saged ViceJON: So have you tried dis here Saged Vice? It’s one uh dem “white beers” all da way from Miami.
DAVE: Pour me a glass, wouldja, Jonny?
<dramatic sip>
DAVE: Dat’s great! Lemony nose, herbal body!
JON: Mm hm!

Recipe: Flown to Havana!

Comments: “This tastes woody and sagey – I can’t decide if it’s beer brilliance or the perfect gravy for my turkey.”

“The aroma here is best suited for your local powder room hand soap.”


Layger Brewhaus McFly.P.A.

DAVE: Say, Jonny, have you tried dis new McFlyPA?
JON: McWhaddyasay?
DAVE: McFlyPA! Named aftuh dat Irish guy from over in Hill Valley, I think it is. <pour> Bottoms up!
<dramatic sip>
JON: Wow! Now that’s somethin’ to write home about! Sweet up front, easy malts, a little hop bite on the back end……………if ya know what I mean! <sly wink>

Recipe lost to time!

Comments: “Intense, in your face bitterness. Just like Biff. Almost tastes like it has tannins. Can’t be a chicken if you are gonna drink this ’til you are zazzled. But that bitterness slides off the tongue as if it’s going 88 mph. Then it’s back…to the future bitterness that sits on the back of the palate. Better call doc ‘cuz I’m drinking more.”

“An IPA for people who don’t like IPAs. A little too clean on the palate. We like it a little more skunky.”

Liquid Schwarz

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - Liquid Schwartz SchwarzbierYou must never underestimate the power of the Schwarz! The schwarz is a powerful ally. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Once you start down the dark path of the “black beer”, forever will it dominate your destiny. The Liquid Schwarz combines the dark malts of a stout with the lightness of a lager. This joining makes the Schwarz delicious, refreshing, and remarkably smooth.

May the Schwarzbier with you.


Based on the Belgian Black Ale recipe from Hopsandberries.com.

Overview: black beer, makes 5 gals

7 lbs pale malt extract
1 lbs black malt grain
.5 lbs 10L crystal malt grain
2 oz german hallertauer hops
belgian ale yeast

1. prepare yeast
2. heat 2.5 gals water to 160 deg F
3. place cracked grains in grain bag, steep for 20 mins.
4. Remove grains, sparge, discard
5. add malt extract
6. bring to a boil then add 1 oz hops
7. boil 45 minutes
8. add .5 oz hops
9. boil 15 more mins.
10. add .5 oz hops
11. ice bath for 30 mins
12. transfer to FERMENTOR bucket, add cold water from sink sprayhose to top off to 5 gals
13. when wort has cooled to 70 deg F, add yeast, stir well
14. ferment between 68-72 deg F
15. when bubbling has stopped (usually within a week to 10 days), begin secondary fermentation.

Secondary Fermentation:
1. sanitize bottling bucket
2. carefully transfer beer from FERMENTOR bucket to bottling bucket, trying not to stir up sediment at the bottom of the FERMENTOR bucket.
3. Clean the lid of your fermentor bucket and clean the airlock. Affix these to the top of the bottling bucket to make it airtight.
4. Let fermentation continue for 7-10 days, then bottle.

London Underground Cream Ale

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - London Underground Cream AleWillamette and Fuggle Hops

Fast Malty Flavor!

Mind the Gap


Based on a London Cream Ale recipe from BeerSmith.com.


9 lbs pale liquid extract

2 oz Willamette
1 oz Fuggles

8 oz maltodextrine
1 tsp Irish moss

London Ale Wyeast Labs #1028

1. Activate yeast.
2. Bring 2-3 gallons water to 165 degF.
3. Add malt extract. Bring water to boil.
4. Add 1 oz Willamette and 1oz Fuggles. Boil 45 min.
5. Add .5 oz Willamette and Irish moss. Boil 10 min.
6. Add .5 oz Willamette and maltodextrine. Boil 5 min.
7. Remove from heat. Cool in ice bath to 70-80 degF.
8. Transfer to primary fermentor. Add yeast, mixing well.
9. Ferment until bubbling stops (1-3 weeks).
10. Transfer to secondary fermentor for 1 week until sediment settles.
11. Bottle! Wait 4-8 weeks to enjoy!

Imperial Guard Oatmeal Stout

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - Imperial Guard Oatmeal StoutOats, Barley, dark roasty malts

Chinook hops

The Force is strong with this one.


Based on the Terrapin Imperial Oatmeal Stout Clone from Hopville website.


6 lbs dark dry malt extract
3 lbs dark dry malt extract
1 lbs 2 oz caramel or crystal malt at 80L
14 oz flaked barley
14 oz flaked oats
7 oz roasted barley
7 oz black malt
7 oz chocolate malt

1.5 oz Chinook (60 min boil)
1 oz Nugget (30 min boil)

White Labs California Ale V (WLP051)

1 tsp Irish moss (15 min boil)


1. Bring 3-4 gallons water to 165 degF.
2. Crack the grains. Steep them for 30 minutes or so.
3. Sparge!
4. Add the malt extract. Bring water to boil.
5. Add Chinook hops and boil for 30 min.
6. Add Nugget hops and boil for 15 min.
7. Add Irish moss and boil for 15 min.
8. Remove from heat. Cool in ice bath to 70-80 degF.
9. Transfer to primary fermentation bucket. Add yeast, stirring well.
10. Ferment until bubbling has stopped (1-3 weeks).
11. Transfer to secondary fermentation bucket. Wait a week for sediment to settle.
12. Bottle! Then wait 4-8 weeks to enjoy!

Bosom Buddy Blonde

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - Bosom Buddy BlondeBeer Beta:

Style: Blonde Ale
Malts: Pale malt extract, belgian aromatic, honey
Hops: Chinook, Hallertau
Yeast: American Ale
Other: Irish moss

Serves You Right!

Questions? Ask the Brewer: Jon

Octobertheseventhfest comments: Missing!


Overview: This recipe is the Fill in the Hop Blonde Ale recipe (extract with specialty grains).

6.5 lbs pale liquid malt extract
.5 lbs belgian aromatic malt
.5 lbs honey malt
.88 oz Chinook hops (1 hour bittering)
.5 oz Hallertau hops (10 minutes flavor)
.5 oz aroma hops (dry hop)
¾ tsp Irish moss
Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast or White Labs WLP001 California Ale yeast

1. Read your yeast packet’s instructions.
2. Bring 2 quarts of water to 150 degF.
3. Add grains and steep for 30 minutes.
4. Raise temp to 170 degF then strain and sparge with 2 quarts hot water.
5. Add 1.5 gallons water and stir in malt extracts.
6. Bring to a boil, then add Chinook bittering hops. Boil 50 minutes.
7. Add Hallertau flavor hops. Boil 10 minutes.
8. Remove from heat. Add to ice bath.
9. Cool the wort to 70 degF. Transfer to fermenter. Bring up to 5 gallons. Add the yeast.
10. Ferment for 1 week. Rack to a secondary fermenter and add .5 oz aroma hops.
11. Ferment 2 more weeks. If possible, drop temp to 55 degF.
12. Bottle with ¾ cup corn sugar.

Empire Special Bitter

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - Empire Special BitterBeer Beta:

Style: Extra Special Bitter
Malts: light malt extract, Crystal
Hops: Gallena, Challenger
Yeast: London ESB
Other: Irish moss

Impressive. Most impressive.

Questions? Ask the Brewer: Jon

Octobertheseventhfest comments: Missing!


This recipe is the English Extra Special Bitter (ESB) recipe from Stomp Them Grapes / Hop to It Homebrew store in Boulder, CO.

6.6 lbs light malt extract syrup
1 lb light Crystal grain malt
1 oz. Galena hops (bittering)
3 oz. Challenger hops (aroma)
1 tsp Irish moss
Wyeast 1968 London ESB

1. Heat 1.5 gallons water to 160 degF.
2. Crush the grains, add to sock, add to water.
3. Steep for 30 min at 155 degF.
4. Add 1 gallon water and bring to a boil.
5. Once boiling, add 6.6 lbs light malt extract syrup and 1 oz Galena hops.
6. Boil 30 minutes then add 1 oz Challenger hops.
7. Boil 20 minutes then add 1 oz Challenger hops.
8. Boil 5 minutes then add 1oz Challenger hops and 1 tsp Irish moss.
9. Boil 5 minutes then remove from heat and cool in ice bath to 80 degF.
10. Transfer to primary fermenter and add water to bring total volume up to 5 gallons.
11. Add yeast.
12. Ferment 62-72 degF for 7 days.
13. Transfer to secondary fermenter for 14 days.
14. Bottle with ¾ cup corn sugar.
15. Bottle for at least 2 weeks.

Steampunk Lager

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - Steampunk LagerBeer Beta:

Style: California Common (aka “steam lager”)
Malts: pale malt extract, 80L English crystal malt
Hops: Northern Brewer
Yeast: California lager
Other: Irish moss

Anachronic Tonic

Questions? Ask the Brewer: Jon

Octobertheseventhfest comments:

“Smooth lager with mild hopness overtones. Like the name invokes, this brew has a wonderful brass coloring that compliments its almost pale ale finish. Certainly an excellent creation.”—Greg

“An ode to the future, but equally the past. Refreshing and light but the complexity is vast. I’d enjoy this everyday making love with my mouth. But after this poem I think I’ll run south.”—Ben W.


This rendition based on the Big Brew ’03 Steam California Common Lager available at What’s Brewin’ in Boulder, CO

this is a California steam lager, refreshing and clean, some ale-like fruitiness
light body, medium hoppiness, pale color
makes 5 gals

7 lbs pale extract
1 lbs 80L English Crystal malt
9.3 HBU Northern Brewer hops (bittering) (HBU = ounces x alpha acid %)
.5 oz Northern Brewer hops (flavor)
1 tsp Irish Moss
.5 oz Northern Brewer hops (aroma)
Wyeast 2112 California lager or White Labs California lager

1. heat 2 gals water to 165 deg F, remove from heat
2. put cracked grains in grain bag and steep 20 mins
3. remove grain bag, sparge, discard
4. return to boil then remove from heat
5. add 9.3 HBU Northern Brewer hops, return to boil
6. boil for 30 mins
7. add .5 oz Northern Brewer hops and Irish Moss
8. boil for 15 more mins
9. at end of boil, add .5 oz Northern Brewer hops
10. ice bath for 30 mins
11. transfer to FERMENTOR bucket and top off with cold water from sink sprayhose to 5 gals
12. when wort has cooled to 70 deg F, add yeast and stir well
13. ferment between 58 and 62 deg F

Dark Ages IPA

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - Dark Ages IPA

Beer Beta:

Style: Olde/IPA Hybrid
Malts: crystal 120
Hops: Chinook
Yeast: American Ale
Other: Irish moss


Questions? Ask the Brewer: Jon

Octobertheseventhfest comments:

“This IPA has a fruity aroma that impales the nose and continues its assault with a robust and full flavor. The smooth finish will certainly pursuade you to fight for another crusade ale.”—Greg

“It will know the rust of the old battle armor! Slightly hoppy with hints of pine and a mellow floral bouquet”—Kris & Lori


Based on the Arrogant Bastard Clone recipe from What’s Brewin’ homebrew store, formerly of Boulder

Not for the wimpy or lovers of the mass produced.
7.6% alcohol, full body, high hop bitterness, high hop flavor, high hop aroma, ruby/brown color

2 tsp gypsum
1.5 lbs crystal 120L malt
9.5 lbs pale malt extract syrup
18 HBU Chinook hops (bittering)
1 oz Chinook hops (flavor)
1 tsp Irish moss
1 oz Chinook hops (aroma)

Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast or White Labs WLP001 California Ale yeast

Add gypsum to 2 gallons water, heat to 165 deg F.
While heating:
Check the yeast for any special preparations
Crack the grains if not already cracked.
Once at 165 deg F, remove water from heat. Put cracked grains in sock, steep 20 minutes. Sparge!
Heat water to boiling then remove from heat. Add pale malt extract syrup, stirring well.
Return to a boil, add the bittering hops, boil 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Add flavor hops and irish moss and boil 15 more minutes.
Remove from heat and add aroma hops.
Cool the kettle in an ice bath for 15-20 minutes.
Transfer to primary FERMENTOR and top off with cold water to 5 gallons.
When wort has cool to 70 deg F, add the yeast.
Ferment between 68-73 deg F.


Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - IRA Red AleIRA Red might have sparked a revolt, especially amongst lovers of amber ales. Pale syrup, English crystal malt, Victory malt, UK Golding hops, gypsum, and Irish moss give this red a citrusy delicious flavor. IRA Red is an orangey brown color, closer to an amber, but with an intense attack that explodes in the mouth. Sweet and warm in the throat, IRA Red is a red ale in a class of its own.

Kiss yer blarney goodbye!

Beer Beta:

Style: Irish Red
Malts: pale malt extract, English 40L crystal malt, Victory malt, roast barley
Hops: UK Golding
Yeast: Irish Ale

Questions? Ask the Brewer: Jon

Octobertheseventhfest comments:

“Only thing yer IRA red bottles are good for is target practice. #@$% Englishmen”—JK
“The first thing that hits me is a nuttyness. Not hoppy, not intrusive, sort of under the sensors. Not exactly like an insurgent, but more… conducive to talks. I guess that would make it more like the IRA. I like this beer. I could start drinking from the top-o’-the-morn. Not a lot of head, an easy drinker. Could easily get you into an irish bar brawl, a little sweet, a little sarcastic, but with a good punch.”—Ben W .


This rendition based on the McCarthy’s Bane Irish Red Ale recipe available at What’s Brewin’ in Boulder, CO.

red/orange color, sweet, touch of toasted malt aroma, clean finish
slight fruitiness
medium body, very mild hop flavor
makes 5 gals

6.5 lbs pale syrup
.5 lb English 40L crystal malt
.25 lb Victory malt
4 oz roast barley
6 HBU UK Golding hops (HBU = ounces x alpha acid %)
1 tsp gypsum
.5 tsp Irish Moss
White Labs Irish Ale yeast or Wyeast 084 Irish ale yeast

1. add gypsum to 2 gallons water, heat to 165 deg F.
2. remove from heat, put cracked grains in a grain sock, steep 20 min
3. remove grains, sparge, discard
4. return to a boil then remove from heat
5. add syrup and malt
6. return to a boil, add the hops
7. boil for 30 mins
8. add the Irish moss
9. boil for 15 more mins.
10. 30 min ice bath
11. transfer to FERMENTOR bucket, top off with cold water from sink sprayhose to 5 gallons
12. when wort has cooled to 70 deg F, add yeast and stir well
13. ferment between 66 and 72 deg F

Cowbell Porter

cowbellporter-finalI’m tellin’ ya, fellas. You’re gonna’ want more Cowbell Porter. Dark and deep like the Black Forests of Germany, Cowbell Porter taps into the earthy roots of this traditional brew style. The ‘Bell was brewed with six kinds of malt. This porter is the cock of the walk, baby!

You’re Gonna Want More…

Beer Beta:

Style: Porter
Malts: crystal malt, chocolate malt, carapils malt, black patent, pale malt extract, munich extract
Hops: Centennial
Yeast: Irish Ale
Other: Irish Moss

Questions? Ask the Brewer: Jon

Octobertheseventhfest comments:

“Fever abated, prescription filled. This is a steamy atypical porter. Not average, way above average. Must be the cowbell. Almost spicy, almost.”—Kris & Lori
“The cowbell does not ring like cowbell. It is mellow and a bit creamy. It is smooth with a light hops and overtone of maybe nutella of nutty chocolate? My favorite color by far. A little bite, but I don’t know if it is alkaline or acidic, but something. This is the first one I would drink with food. Maybe a burger with ketchup, lettuce, tomato, a little red onion, and definitely avocado! With extra crispy fries. Yes. This beer makes me hungry.”—Ben W.


This rendition based on the “Bell’s Porter” recipe available at What’s Brewin in Boulder, CO. Bell’s Porter is from the Kalamazoo Brewing company in Michigan.

Lots coffee and chocolate flavors
medium hoppiness
Makes 5 gallons

8 oz 75L Crystal malt
8 oz chocolate malt
8 oz carapils malt
4 oz black patent malt
6 ½ lbs Alexander’s pale malt syrup
1 lbs Alexander’s Munich syrup
10 HBU Centennial hops (HBU = ounces x alpha acid %)
1 tsp Irish Moss
Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale yeast or White Labs Irish Ale yeast

1. Heat 2 gallons to 165 deg F then remove from heat
2. steep grains in the hot water for 20 mins
3. sparge grains
4. put water back on the heat and bring to a boil
5. once boiling, remove from heat and add malt extracts
6. bring back to a boil and add Centennial hops
7. boil for 30 minutes and then add the Irish moss
8. boil for 15 more minutes
9. remove from heat and put in an ice bath for 30 min.
10. transfer to FERMENTOR
11. top off with cold water to 5 gallons (use spray hose to stir and aerate the wort)
12. when the wort has cooled to 70 deg F, add the yeast
13. ferment between 65 and 70 deg F

Imperial March Stout

imperialmarch-finalImperial March Stout bent drinkers to its will. To date, this hefty brew is the crowning achievement of Layger BrewHaus. With luxurious mouthfeel, complex grain notes, and a malty finish uncluttered by bitterness, I.M.S. changed minds about the heavy hand of stout ales.

Turn to the Dark Side.


Octobertheseventhfest comments:

“Feel no drunk do you… Mmmm, drunk you will… Drunk you will (Yoda)”—JK
“IMS = Intense Mellow Smooth Beer”—Kris & Lori


This rendition based on the recipe for 88 Drought Stout from the book Homebrew Favorites

good, basic recipe for a semi-sweet stout with complex malt flavors
rich coffee-like flavor dominates
full-bodied, smooth finish
cross between Guinness and Mackeson
makes 5 gallons
boiling time 80 min.
68 degree fermentation

6 lbs dark malt extract
.75 lbs crystal malt
.75 lbs chocolate malt
.5 lb. Black patent malt
.5 lb roasted barley
.5 oz. Chinook hops 12.5% alpha (boil 80 min)
.5 oz. Saaz hops, 6.8% alpha (boil 5 min)
.5 oz. Tettnanger, 4.2% alpha (boil 3 min)
2 teaspoons gypsum
4 oz. lactose
1084 Irish Ale yeast
.75 cup corn sugar, for priming

1. Add gypsum to 2 gallons water, stir well. Let sit.
2. In a separate pot, combine 1 gallon of water with the crystal malt, the chocolate malt, the black patent malt, and the roasted barley, and heat to 175 deg F. Steep at 175 deg F for one hour.
3. A half hour into the steeping, begin heating the 2 gallons of gypsum water.
4. After the grains have steeped for an hour, sparge the grains and add this fluid to the 2 gallons gypsum water.
5. Add the malt extract.
6. Bring to a boil, add .5 oz Chinook hops.
7. Boil for 75 minutes.
8. Add .5 oz Saaz hops.
9. Boil 2 minutes, then add .5 oz Tettnanger hops.
10. Boil 3 minutes, then remove from heat.
11. Cool the kettle in an ice bath for a half hour.
12. Transfer to primary FERMENTOR and top off with cold water to 5 gallons.
13. When wort has cooled to 70 degrees F, add the yeast, stirring and aerating well.
14. Ferment 21 days at 68 deg F, then bottle.

Bock Bock

bockbock-finalDespite its name, Bock Bock was a single bock brew from the roundly bodied, malty family of bock ales. It did not actually taste like chicken. Neither did it taste like a traditional bock; many Bock Bock beers were drunk mistakenly, thinking they were Amber Alerts. Tastes Like Chicken?

Beer Beta:

Style: Bock
Malts: Malted Barley Extract, Crushed Chocolate Grain Malt, Crushed Crystal Grain, Crushed Pale Grain
Hops: Hallertau and Tettnang Hop Pellets
Yeast: Ale Yeast
Recipe has flown the koop!

Octobertheseventhfest comments:

“An unbelievalbly smooth finish. Whereas the famously smooth, rocky mountain water Coors is cheap and watery smooth, this is “light and feathery™” while still having the body necessary to go well with a meal while still being awesomely refreshing. Bock Bock… If you don’t like it, you’re just chicken!”—Ben W.