Kennedy’s Coppertop Ale

Coppertop-Kennedy-Label_800x667A Layger Brewhaus Original Recipe

Always soused by light cream head. Sweet nose followed by a light, watery mouthfeel. Toasty notes. Very #. Pleasantly bitter, leathery finish with light, iced-tea tannins.

The Other Presidential Vice

Coppertop Kennedy was Dave’s first all-grain recipe.


Brew night: Sep 17, 2017
All-grain recipe: 5-6 gallons batch size
9 lbs domestic 2-row pale malt
1 lbs Munich malt
4 oz Victory malt
4 oz aromatic malt
2 oz chocolate malt
1 oz black malt
1 oz roasted barley

1 tsp Irish moss
¼ tsp calcium chloride

½ oz Northern Brewer at 60 min
¼ oz Fuggles at 10 min
¼ oz Fuggles at 5 min

Yeast: White Labs WLP001 California Ale

Heat 4 gals water to 163 F.
Add calcium chloride.
Mash grains at 152 F for 60 min. // 120 min
Sparge at 168 F.
Collect 6 gals of wort and bring to boil. // 6 ½ gals
Add ½ Northern Brewer hops and boil 60 min.
15 min left: add Irish moss
10 min left: ¼ oz Fuggles
5 min left: ¼ oz Fuggles

Cool wort to 70 F, aerate, and pitch yeast. Ferment at 68 F.
Let fermentation stop. Let beer settle for 2-3 days. Rack to secondary.
Kegged: Oct 17
Carbonate to 2.6 volumes of CO2.

// 1.042 OG
// 1.017 Rack = 3.41 alc so far
// 1.019 finishing gravity
= 3.02% alcohol by volume


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